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Register for the new CCENT (100-105) Live Webinar!

I, Laz, will be hosting a live webinar to be held on August 20 & 21st, 2016

There are two (2) time slots: 9am-2pm or 6pm-11pm EST

...and only 20 seats for each time slot will be available!

The cost of this two (2) day Cisco's new CCENT (100-105) webinar is $99

all classes are on Eastern Time


CCENT (100-105) Live Webinar with Laz on 8/20-8/21/2016
Please be advised that class can be cancelled at the discretion of the instructor
...if that happens, your money will be refunded


"Complexity is the Enemy of Execution"  ~ Tony Robbins







An education is extremely important in today's society and one that comes with a price...a price that not everyone can afford. That is why I have made it my mission to provide an affordable education to everyone around the globe. This site was created to do just that. Here you will find my courses in different platforms so you can pick and choose the one that better suits your needs, your personality and most importantly...your BUDGET!

"Our reputation depends on your SUCCESS!"  ~ Laz

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