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All You Need to Know About Cisco CCENT Certification

CCENT certification covers all the fundamentals of networking and it’s imperative if you wish to hone your networking skills. In order to become proficient in the networking industry, CCENT certification, no doubt, is just as it can help you in developing your skills thus will get career growth.

If you are in search of a reputed institute for your Cisco CCENT training then choosing The Networking Doctors, Inc. is an ideal choice as we are one of the best and reputed who can help and guide you in your career growth.

Why CCENT certification is popular?

It’s the foremost step; if you wish to become a skilled network engineer and everyone know its importance in today’s challenging world of business. So, for that reason, it’s quite much popular.

Another thing, it can make your skills strong just from the starting and the list of things that you will learn in this certification can boost your career completely, in the industry of networking. That’s why the majority of people do CCENT certification before going forward with their next step.

Reasons to become CCENT certified

If you want to become an expert in the industry of networking, then doing this certification is beneficial for your career and the skills which you gain will be with you forever.

By doing this training, you will be able to clear all your concepts regarding the CCNA. So, it’s vital that you must take the benefit of this certification in order to boost your initial skills.

Skills measured by CCENT certification

CCENT certified experts can:

·    Explain the working and functioning of numerous network devices

·    Explain the suitable administrative tasks that are needed for WLAN.

·    Recognize security threats and can depict threat easing methods

·    Execute and verify links of WAN, also explains the methods of connecting to WAN.

CCENT exam details

CCENT examination is an entry-level examination and it’s open for everyone as this exam tests your basic skills. This exam will make you ready to appear in other examinations by enhancing your confidence levels. The examination is known by the name of CCENT 100-105 and it checks your capability of configuring the router as well as a switch at a basic level.

This exam comprises of 45-55 total questions and the majority of them are MCQ’s.

CCENT certification career

By doing CCENT certification, you can open the gates of numerous job roles such as:

·        Network engineer

·        Network administrator

·        Network support professionals

·        Cisco network engineer

·        Network technician

If you are serious for your career, then Cisco CCENT training is the must for getting a good job in the networking industry. Read more about our list of networking courses online and CISCO CCNA course fees.

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