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All You Need to Know About CCNA Security Certification

Do you know what CCNA security is? Do you know it’s much valuable in tech industry? Yes, that’s true! It’s actually the foremost certification level of network security. Might be you are wondering why it’s essential! Since, it helps one in understanding the necessary principles and techniques of network security.

 It introduces the issues that are related to network security like attacks and threats, vulnerabilities. Also, it displays the tactics to diminish issues in network that are related to security.So, CCNA security is about searching and resolving the issues related to security in the IT industry.

 What you will learn from CCNA security certification?

 ·        Essentials and concepts of this network security

·        Security threats

·        How to protect data?

·        Methods of security

·        About ASA Firewall, its configuration and utilization in the IT tech.

·        About AAA server plus its implementation in Cisco networking devices.

·        ACL and its types, Configuration of ACL on numerous Cisco devices

·        VPN technology, types and its need

 Networking completes with use of protocols, So groom yourself in vital protocols in this certification of CCNA security. Some of the protocols include RADIUS, IKE, HTTPS, SNMP and so on.

 Education necessary for CCNA security examination
To be CCNA security certified you don't have to hold a degree but if you have then it will add some value to boost your career


 It’s important to have some knowledge regarding network infrastructure. You must know the procedure of connecting two or more Cisco devices.Cisco has introduced the criteria of eligibility for CCNA security certification.

 What kind of jobs you can expect after this certification?

 The below given are some designations that one can get after clearing CCNA security exam:

·        Systems and network administrator

·        Security administrator

·        Security analyst

·        Security consultant

·        Security specialist

·        Security architect

 If you are looking for the certification of CCNA security then contact The Networking Doctors, INC. as we offer these certification courses to all students at affordable fees.


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